Bunker 51 is the home of live zombie experiences in London. With 3 thrilling experiences to choose from including Zombie S.W.A.T Training, London's longest running zombie event!


    London's longest running Zombie Experience




    Casualties in Russia: 4,546,378

    Casualties in the U.S.: 3,242,336

    Casualties in China: 700,546,879

    Casualties in the U.K.: 13



    In 2015, the first reports of a strange virus began to surface in Russia. Within six years, 3% of their population had turned. That number grows daily...


    You have been selected as a part of Operation C, a Ministry of Defense funded program that is fundamental in containing the spread. With three of the world’s biggest powers suffering heavy losses, it is now time for you to step up and protect your community.


    At the MOD's Bunker 51 facility, you will undergo the necessary training to protect your community and end the zombie apocalypse. Train in three different forms of weaponry against the zombie horde and prepare yourself in the event of an outbreak. You will learn military tactics to immobilise and destroy the undead horde before it escapes and ends civilisation as we know it.


    This includes coming face to face with the undead menace you've seen on the news; in a secure environment, of course. Over the past five years, there has never been an incident at Bunker 51...


    Be prepared for London's scariest and most realistic zombie experience using replica weaponry.


    * * *



    Zombie SWAT Training is a fully immersive 2.5 hour zombie experience. Step into a real life video game with action, puzzle solving and an interactive story line. Train in three different forms of weaponry and come face to face with the terrifying undead.


    Will you get out or get eaten?



    Get ready to be locked in a room with up to 7 of your friends and one ravenous zombie that is chained to the wall!


    As the clock ticks down, the zombies chain grows longer and within an hour they can catch you anywhere within the room - so you will need to think of some distraction techniques to keep them at bay.


    Hidden in the room is a key that will unlock the door to your survival. To find the key you must locate numerous clues, solve riddle and games as a team.


    Will you work with your team to survive, or sacrifice them as lunch? The choice is yours! Can you work together to save yourselves and humanity, or will you put yourself before the group and civilisation as a whole?


    You have 60 minutes to the find clues, solve the puzzles, unlock the door and escape the room without getting eaten!

    Trapped in a room with a Zombie is run by our escape room partners, Trapped



    It's you vs the undead in this action packed hour at London's military laser tag arena.


    Strap on your gun and go face to face with a horde of zombies as you battle through various games and scenarios. You'll get a chance for some PvP laser tag training against other recruits, a laser tag battle against the undead where you must stay alive or join the zombie horde, as well as other challenges and surprises.


    All the cheesy fun of laser tag with a unique twist!

    Please note: Zombie Laser Tag includes live actors, due to this you are required to pay for 20 participants minimum to create a private session, alternatively you can book on to one of our public sessions, which run monthly.


    £37.50 per player

    20 players +


    Book a session for 20 to 25 players any time you like.

    If you have a group of over 25, contact us to see what we can arrange for you.


    Private sessions can be tailored to accommodate any age 8+


    £37.50 per player

    1 to 20 players 

    (subject to availability)


    Our public sessions have limited availability and limited dates. These sessions are mixed groups and players.


    Minimum age for public sessions is 14 years old.


    Bunker51 has a designated free car park and extensive off-street free parking in the immediate area.

Terms & Conditions
Bookings & Payment:

- All bookings must be fully paid for in advance. Confirmed bookings may prevent other customers from booking their desired time and date and are therefore subject to our cancellation policy – Once confirmed and paid for, all bookings at Bunker 51 are non-refundable and non-transferable. This includes standard game sessions, party and food/drinks packages and venue hire.

- All sessions are public and mixed ages unless all 20 tickets (Paintball & Airsoft ) and all 25 tickets (Laser Tag and Junior Paintball) for a session are purchased or you have it clearly expressed in writing by a member of the Bunker 51 team. 

- Any offers advertised are not valid in conjunction with any other promotions, such as off-peak rates or discounts from third parties. Bunker 51 reserves the right to remove or refuse any offers at any time at the discretion of the management.

- Any provisional bookings made are only valid for up to 7 days after which they will be cancelled. Provisional bookings do not commit you to nor guarantee the booking and where possible we will try to give provisional bookings first refusal over a new booking. Once a provisional booking is made it is then the responsibility of the customer to contact the bookings office within the given time to make payment and confirm their booking. While we will attempt to contact customers ahead of booking expiry we cannot guarantee this in every case.

- Once your booking is paid for we will send full confirmation and receipt via email. Please ensure that you read this carefully as it contains all the information you will need for your booking.

On the Day:

- We cannot guarantee any availability for players that show up on the day without booking and paying in advance.

- Extra paint or BB's may be required to be purchased on the day. The average number of paintballs used in a 2 hour session is 400-600 rounds and the average number of BB's is 700. Paint /BB's can be bought before entering the arena or on a tab system during the game, with the balance to be paid at the end of the day.

- Once purchased, paintballs and BB's are non-refundable and non-transferable. This includes any up-grades or pay-as-you-go paint that goes unused.

- If a member of your group fails to attend the event they will lose their payment and are no longer entitled to any pre-purchased paintballs. However, we will offer the extra paint to the rest of the group to use on the day.

- We require all players to arrive 30 minute prior to the start time on the date of play for registration and briefing. Any players who miss their briefing may be unable to play. 

- If your group is late we are unable to over-run sessions but will try to get your group started as quickly as possible to avoid the loss of any more game time.

- Your marshal will brief you group before your game starts. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved in taking part in the activity and follow all instructions issued by the marshal at all times to ensure the safety of the group and staff.

- Bunker 51 reserves the right to refuse or remove any players at any stage of the booking at the discretion of the manager. This includes under-age players, those under the influence of drugs or alcohol, anybody not adhering to the venue’s rules and regulations or for any other reason seen fit by the management.

- Bunker 51 holds Public Liability Insurance, however Personal Accident insurance is not included and is for your own arrangement and expense. On arrival you will be required to sign a personal registration form which releases and indemnifies responsibility of any personal injuries. Any players under 18 years old must have an adult or guardian sign their consent form.

- All activities are subject to age restrictions. These are 6+ for laser tag, and 12+ for paintball and airsoft and ages 8-12 for Junior paintball.